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tv   The Stream 2020 Ep 47  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2020 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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highest rates in africa police and the military have been deployed to enforce the lockdown which includes bans on dog walking and alcohol sales kosovo's government has been ousted in a no confidence vote the government led by prime minister albon kirti has been in power for less than 2 months the motion was brought by the junior coalition partner after weeks of tension the political uncertainty has sparked anger amongst the public who want politicians to focus on fighting the coronavirus pandemic an australian man accused of murdering 51 people in attacks on 2 new zealand mosques a year ago has admitted his guilt brenton tyron changed his plea for not guilty to guilty at a hearing at the high court in christchurch on thursday those were the headlines about with more news here on our just in half an hour next it's the stream with me ok do stay with us. when a prime minister takes a lump of coal into his own parliament that call means
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a lot of the country's fortunes we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in again breaks it down that was a slogan that whatever the prime minister boris johnson counting the cost on al-jazeera. really important still today with information in both of our important matter you take regular breaks so don't go outside if it's safe to do so go into your garden and do some gardening if it's safe to do so also something else that you enjoy doing recognize that there are only one or 2 hours in a day that you will allow yourself to look to eat with the news screen on your phone outside of that you need to think about other things and the coronavirus it may feel like you're losing control with your mental health but you can take control by having a clear structure to your day and allowing worry over me at certain times.
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some tips there from dr i me a card on pricing self care during this time a kind of virus ever pandemic has plunged the entire world into a state of uncertainty that is taking a toll on people with existing mental health conditions as many and a sickness i say shouldn't financial hardship and information overload it is like each other quite serious i feel me ok and today on the string we will assess the impact of the question of virus i am mental health you can send your questions your comments your concerns viii chip for expert panel. people who are experiencing zaidi depression forms of trauma may notice that there's an. increase in especially because there is more social isolation routines are being disrupted and maybe there isn't as much motivation to take care of oneself were engaged in basic health care there are so many downstream effects that we're seeing right now because of the cove and 19 pandemic and from
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a psychiatrist said point i think about the fact that on inpatient units we can't have group therapy for our patients because of social distancing and keeping them safe while there are then that limits the effect of ness of the therapeutic monye long periods of a solution and i can't have that strong impact on mental causing emotional disease like cancer deep depression. or. short years or seen terms of dramatic stress disorder but at the same time do situation can give the chance to rethink our own we are relationship with time and we specialise and with the strong values. some valuable insights from 3 mental health experts joining us now on the program we have talked to jose luis are you sumi tell us he is the director of the world health organization's collaborative center for mental health services research and training at the university. of madrid he's also
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the chairman of the department of psychiatry at the princess a university hospital in madrid in london andreas compass is a social psychologist at a neuroscientist he's a lecturer at city university of london and in mumbai make it a day size a clinical psychologist and co-author of the book the coronavirus what you need to know about the global pandemic thank you for being here as we tackle such an important issue you may hear and they are they the moment that i told our audience what we were going to be talking about just some just saying watch the show in a few minutes time this is the kind of reaction that i got so mad dean says here on twitter everything is disorientating right now including something simple like the passage of time it's hard to know what to feel or what one should feel and then one more just just a reaction to us talking about this today steve and steve is in the u.k.
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is i think we're all going to be different after this the longer it goes on if you know what i mean. do you know what steve means. absolutely our family thanks for having me on the show to but then when i think you know warren has never seen a crisis like this before the wires is still unknown in many ways toward the fires and rivets covering more devoted by the impact it's having on the spread is calling for caustic measures across the world and a lot of places including in india where under lockdown and people know that from one side to the other of this things are going to be different and it's up to us how we come together not physically but socially to fight. over yes it's up with all 3 of you are not down situations that we go to and dress and dress what are the kind of stories that you're seeing where people are exhibiting stresses in
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terms of their mental health just give us one example well i think today it's up a student in cheers an international student and she's wondering whether she should go on and to see her parents or coach in your studies she's afraid that if she goes to sit for 2 days and coaching so that's very unpleasant but if she stays and lumber that she does not if her parents get sick can should reach them and time can she help them support and so i think they're very you very unusual to see that we don't really have a clear strategy what we should do or should not do based on our our spirits i think you face uncertain in your face really a lot of difficult situations the decisions that moment what do you do about that in your professional. approach to. how people are feeling mentally because this is something that you've trained for many years for you done the research for at and now this is a whole new situation has i go 1st what you did. i mean did i mean did i mean that
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you know what the men did there with these women. that we have before who is some of the challenges that it means for amanda halt. this and. my major concern now how can we organize. still provided mendenhall to our basins to all the people we normally it and on an outpatient basis way way or as was mentioned before as a group stand up and now you have to remember these lockdown also all non-essential movements within the city sudeten 3 and. also affects the ability to see your provider see your site get used to psychology used to 'd attended a hospital or even to go to the emory didn't see that you know hospitals are.
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going to care of basic may about how they've grown up so we need to completely. change the way we provide care but at the same time. make these care are vital based so that's why we can invent 3 and seek ways and we are now in 10 days we have to sit all our activities for which we're bays and mainly all people the press and the on time human contact we. have providers and he has the move on into telemedicine the phone conversations social media contacts because we we need to do to be in contact with the patient but at the same time we have to make sure they restrict i smite to small to
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both when they go out even to see their. something just very charming to. you ok i mean we are very decided now was much connected as a you make you make a really you make some some multiple excellent points there and i also want to bring in chief audience because they are feeling action to say the least and we have them selling on e cheney at $76.00 explaining during the 1st 2 weeks of quarantine i found it difficult to concentrate to read a book or do anything i could only for the news and i was very distracted is this normal i don't want to stop doing a string therapy session but me here if you want to take that want to on festival and then and you can jump in after what's going to happen here absolutely it is anomaly let me be honest i'm a healthcare professional it's ugly one of the lockdown you know we have 20 more days to go and if you ask me am i free or for yes i am and i record yes i am so for
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any person who is voted out there it's absolutely understandable situation it's a new situation altogether the question is how do we go to this i think it's a 3 levels one is to get our nerves under can call we need to care we need to be responding to the acting how i am here i'm just going to ask you how because it's easy to say it not easy to control it. absolutely so where does mean cycle and the fear come from when we need it it's a lack of knowledge i think everyone's what it and like going to choir practice how is this going to change my life and the few to if we are aware how to keep ourselves safe i think that knowledge in a that that's body i'm following additionally breathing exercises in india. can be very head and this big thing like someone like that's on their head that the
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spent thinking us supreme time and the amount of the meeting you get then b.p. in the process. if i can just jump in i totally agree i think and one thing we can and off forget a lot of that most of us probably will be fine i think we're in a situation or a concept that you knew it's a weird situation everything is new our pasta haverstock really work anymore we have to find ways but if you look at the research that earthquakes $911.00 and any other catastrophe a catastrophic event in the past most of the people will be fine so i think i don't want to downplay any kind of use that all there is will be for some people who talk especially if you have some kind of preexisting conditions of vulnerabilities and i think we have to figure out how we can take care of the speaker and how we can reach them but just if you have not a history of and it's like a mental disorder you will probably be fine you will experience a face of change if any self and certainly an exam but you will get up to that and
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i think we shouldn't kind of forgot that the majority of us will be fine and if i just look at the researcher for look at the people here around me and south of london they're remarkably calm and just going on with their business and my students most of them are doing very fine too so i think of course there's 4 people who are some very pretty it's inquisitions this could be very worsen the situation and most of us then i think will be filing that's that's good that's a real shine let me just bring invests that because you. people preexisting conditions this whole situation must be quite triggering for many of them looking here for m b c news we're talking about this as a i'm going to as i'm going to put this to you coronavirus is a personal nightmare for people with o.c.d. and anxiety disorders the idea of having to wash your hands don't touch this don't take your shoes off take this off change your clothes or if that that sounds like we've all got o.c.d.
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all of a sudden lot about if you've already got an existing condition where are you going to go to for help. for all we know we know that india is and is focused and says this is the people who are more well noble. to help some and else some problems are the ones that are. already out one. on but we do have some business are not. ready you mentioned it and i basically don't see composed to disorder the whole effort of the therapy is try it has been trying to control the behavior and i am now. measure knew better so he. is increasing your hands as much as possible 'd i'm going to do that something it is the times then it is clear but 2 but.
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i mean the main main issue for me here is that i was trying to for one of these one call it that most of the people live recover it is true we are in a in a new situation in terms of the specific of the. day i mean humanity has been the cause and there are a lot of stressful sit with dances and we know of others that reside lives of. all places so most of them were bought people we will never be ditties and we say to take care of them in these times of rising to these with a getting back play once said think for just. one more thing i think yeah i think there are people filling up all of the state i think the other group of people i'm kind of concerned about is people who are busy at the front line who work. in the u.k. or working for the national house and we have data from pos research on time to if you can who can i just can i just honestly say absent directly what's coming on on
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you tube as you are saying i'm concerned about the funny line this is coming out on you tube absolutely not you can just on. from lauren lauren says any suggestions on how to manage your mental health when you are a frontline worker you cannot escape the pandemic when it is literally your job to be surrounded and deal with it every day you are absolutely going there said go ahead answer lawrence question. ok so what i actually want to said is that i think that's a group of people who should be prince because the finest that i almost lost will be fine but i think if you look at the kind of research and tracking how the people that were at the frontline fighting sarson south korea are down there were 20 to 25 percent who had you know they are so post-traumatic stress some sense of heightened anxiety and depression so i think just as all the things we do for people who have some certain vulnerability i think we need to kind of realize that these are people of that under immense stress in
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a very difficult situation they might even be much more isolated from their families because they conquer all because there they have to isolate their work so i think it's a really difficult situation we have to kind of think about how we as a society or as a government or a health care provider has a gift no special especially how well let me mapmakers out it. i mean we are are we are that is that baby is here now i mean we did a show about it did people do from line i mean do they nurses that doctor is all they all to stop working in the units and they are under a lot of stress to watch some of this is stressful think that this is this matt. night though it was an occasion i was working with 'd a sit with economy to send in and i know that is that is ever heidi deceased so on
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and situations bank well percent of all effected in spain are health care workers that's a huge number it is a huge percent and that's of course one of the. main east of concerns on of course it's based as well situation because you some of the basins see very very pretty fast. thank you see. also don't you. if if if i'm if i may i hate to interrupt you because you have beautiful calming voices and beautiful covering suggestions as well but i want to just push ahead and talk about coping strategies the stream digital team want to see how much technology maybe like tele apps and games might be able to help us keep connected while we're forced to stay apart and this is what we found havelok.
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track apps like sam velo are now offering premium services for free this was a direct response to eases mentions of coverage 19 and coronavirus spiking 500 percent since mid january video game fans now playing online is a sure way of connecting socially with mates from a distance they're sharing their current of must play lists 2. and we've seen signs that game is a living that best quarantine life on the high. you're finally vindicated game as
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you can see right now is online no one's going to tell you of all right so we are asked out online audience are you using apps cope with stress and excited from the coronavirus outbreak got some interesting responses so for me as an r.c. you put has been a great app for me since the outbreak and lockdown in my country brought my thoughts together feeling calm and relaxed at this time of a world deadly pandemic and this is what you pull looks like your emotional health assistant one more from online t.j. says talk life app is one global community that is one the needed healthy don't judge a disk of support and compare to other mental health absent then this is there you're not alone let's talk here i'm just wondering if the idea of traditional start you're sitting there one hour one is that now been superseded by what people can after out reach and doing in other ways because you can't sit next to anybody right now in isolation yes. yes i'm going to start with
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a daughter has a little sadly had a 1st and then you can pick up after being a guide. yes it absolutely is because look in your back in india as well i am working out of home now and so on my counseling services that is why are the internet not just that i feel there's a great big distinction which we are seeing is a so much of wellness programs and that is more a preventive measure which helps for all getting into a mental health graph on the other hand what we are seeing and is gaining a lot of success are online chat in india especially there is a lot of stigma mud regarding mental health concerns and anonymously people are being able to access this over the past few years we have been seeing these resources and our usage go and now i feel that this pandemic with them on supply being so different it's going to completely take
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a while in fact artificial intelligence is also being brought in we have apps like weiser because if your man or the number of health care providers will not be able to figure out of the supply that is the demand that is out there she goes up like on to meet it so oppositional intelligence i think it's your state and it's been used are not just to innovate and find solutions with treatment but also to help people with them until death is just just one warning have if i go back to has a tabloid here on twitter says many tech tools will pop up now to capitalize on the largest collective meltdown in human history his time not mine check privacy and data use time salary don't fall for the exorbitant claims no app can replace a trained human watch out for the mental health equivalent of. so this is a warning here say your thoughts. well i mean i used
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to remind you that social distances is a physical distance but of course we still encourage those of the difficult situation for someone when possible don't someone to trust. on any fact be not hospital yes to solve this 24 hour relying or go. staff health staff that are under stress that they can pop on one anonymously within an hour we've an hour that are meant over the phone and these is extremely useful and i think that's one of the that we have this highlight this saying that there are and it's similar stressful situation i mean abscam be a help but i think that we can where you can talk to someone you can you can have a human voice on the other side who might see more of god it i think we can have to imagine how to strategy from
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a few to address i think if i can share this with you just refrain briefly of a double what how can i say action giving people advice for all sorts of details about the calling a virus but they're also telling you to be safe be smart and this is really interesting because in support of the they know that mental health is going to be very important on drugs if you want to leave out points or so there was a how for that would help them cope he said most of us are going to be ok what would it be. i think if you kind of look at back what have the medical or the doctors in south korea who were at the frontline and co-pastor if that is these what they seem jobs are sounds like an altruistic approach social framework where they think ok i'm brushing my hands out somebody else i'm here i'll never be an example where we could frame it the dr sure thing ok i'm risking my life but i'm doing it for the greater good to help others and people who adopted this more kind of pro-social friend book who did not look about their own safety did not hurt too
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much about their own status the kind of luck and what can i do how can i contribute how can i see my actions in the greater friend of a how can i he kind of perceive that under the little it's important and significant part in fighting disease if you have a mental framework right now that if you kind of go away from yourself and think about others this is a real protective framework and i think that's something that people are going to try to shift the way we look at all problems that kind of see them integrate our friends are considered ok really doing by staying home by washing our hands and isolated be doing something good for all of humanity and i think that's the friend what we see each other grace and our get it out of that somehow if you have one sentence one sentence of advice one short sentence of advice what would it be him. oh what i would say is that there's a lot of stigma around it people who are of read they have 3 or 4 that they have coffee knowledge negative beliefs what i would encourage is what yourself in the
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shoes of somebody who is suffering who may be a suspected or confirmed case don't let your 300 your anxiety equal with the compassion that you can and will widen the simulator and behave with others right the same simple work that you would like you can tell when you write a book about the coronavirus. thank you so much talk to me here i really appreciate your one sentence of paisley advice we will come back to you for more i'm sure they can bring a virus crisis and we just share he were our audience online a doing to help themselves i like victor he's watching a lot of jokes spending time in lightning of as i hope they feel the same way victor dorsey right she's reading music cooking talking on the telephone and peeta stay at home doubly is in the gym he's watching movies he's revisiting favorite t.v. doc to stay is a has a and then a s. talk to me here and thank you so much and if you still have questions here on my
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laptop the next episode of the stream we'll be asking your questions about corona virus from sub-saharan africa.
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join me steve clemons on the bottom line for your weekly take on u.s. politics and society i'm changing but the institutions frequently don't the system itself is set up to benefit those who understand that you have people who actually believe things that are not true that is a crisis for democracy is a crisis of concentration the bottom line on al-jazeera understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wound so no matter when you call. the news and current affairs that matter to you join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media india has more than 424 hour television news channels. and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most the states
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misleads the public the state media reflects the. climate change poll very tall shows they don't believe they have anything to apologize for they're listening post on al-jazeera. running out of room for the most sick friends puts coronavirus patients on special trains out of it's badly affected east. collapse of the rubble you want you all deserve a life more headquarters here and also coming up 2 trillion dollars worth of relief the us senate approves a rescue package to combat the corona virus outbreak. also guilty of 51 but as a sudden admission from the government who carried out by the time caller.


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